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How to Engage and Retain DAF Donors

NonProfit PRO

Here are eight ways to engage and retain DAF donors. With no signs of slowing down, DAF donors are a big source of donations for nonprofits.

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Quick Tip! Invest in donors you want to retain!

The Fundraiser Coach

Pro Tip: you only need to invest in donors you want to retain! But not so much in nurturing the relationships with our supporters. Is it time for your nonprofit to invest in building relationships and focusing on retention and the Ask? Many nonprofits offer little or no reporting back how the gift was used.

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Ending Strong: 5 Year-End Tips to Retain Nonprofit Members

Soapbox Exchange

Though acquiring new members is essential, retaining existing members is vital to ensuring sustained growth and continued impact. Here are five actionable tips to retain your nonprofit members and end the year on a strong note. For many nonprofits, having a robust membership program is key to thriving and fulfilling their mission.

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Volunteer Engagement and Retainment: Tips for Keeping Volunteers Coming Back

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As the nonprofit sector tackles the volunteer shortage, here are ways you can engage and retain volunteers.

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The next step to thank and retain year-end donors.


And you can do even more if you make it a priority to retain year-end donors! And saying thank you the right way after someone gives is crucial if you want to retain year-end donors! You need to be timely with your thank you’s if you want to retain year-end donors. And the same is true if you want to retain year-end donors.

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Bonuses Can Help Nonprofits Stretch Budgets and Retain Fundraisers

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Emily Haynes As nonprofits struggle to hire and retain fundraisers, some are turning to performance-based bonuses to entice and retain talent. There are plenty of ways to ethically reward hard-working fundraisers — the Association of Fundraising Professionals, for example, endorses bonuses delivered as flat…

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12 Ways for Service Clubs to Recruit and Retain Members

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Here are 12 ways service clubs can recruit and retain members. A service club or organization is a voluntary nonprofit organization where members meet regularly to perform charitable works.