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Using New Hires to Grow and Sustain Your Consulting Firm

Think and Ink Grants

Your "people" are in place to help you grow and are your employees, subcontractors, or any combination of the two. There are nuances in how you manage employees and subcontractors that will be discussed in a future article so stay tuned. At some point, you will have to hire or engage subcontractors in order to grow.

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Rocking Government Tenders: Strategies to Follow

Red Tape Busters

Collaborate with Partners and Subcontractors In many government tenders, the project’s scope may require collaboration with other organisations or subcontractors. By aligning with the government agency’s values, tender writers strengthen their chances of being shortlisted for consideration.


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Grant Writing Boss Club is Coming

Grant Writing Made Easy

Your Client & Subcontractor Contracts. We provide a client contract template and a subcontractor template (for those of you who need to bring others onto your team) and will advise you on how you can customize each for your needs. (You’ll learn to be liked and loved because people buy from people they like and love.).

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What Is an RFP and How Is It Best Used to Apply for Grants?


Individuals, businesses, organizations, corporations, consortiums, partnerships, joint ventures, or any other entities including subcontractors currently debarred or suspended are ineligible to respond to the RFP. Additional focus areas also include healthy futures, and veterans and military families.

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9 Nonprofit Leadership Skills Every Founder & Director Must Master

Get Fully Funded

Whether it’s volunteers , interns, subcontractors, or paid staff, having others around you will help you get more done. The old saying “many hands make light work” is true. There’s no way you’ll reach your goals and see your nonprofit through to success by yourself. You must have help. What help do you need? Who is ideal to help you?

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