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Do You Know How to Use AI for Your Nonprofit?


Have you been struggling with whether – and how – to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI; ChatGPT) into your work? Honestly, the whole AI thing scares the you-know-what out of me on most days. I begin with The post Do You Know How to Use AI for Your Nonprofit? You’re not alone. But, it won’t make it go away.

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Mitigating future risks: Why your organization should have an AI policy 


Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically changing the way organizations work. From programs that make complex data-based decisions to applications that transcribe spoken words into text, AI offers new opportunities to do things more creatively and efficiently. We then incorporated these guidelines into our employee policies.

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AI in Action: Deploying Responsible, Effective, and Trustworthy AI


Although AI has become a buzzword recently, it’s not new. Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s and it has gone through periods of hype (“AI summers”) and periods with reduced interest (“AI winters”). But how do you ensure the AI you want to deploy is worthy of your trust? What Is Trustworthy AI?

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Beyond efficiency: A human-first AI adoption strategy


When we first started researching the use of AI in nonprofit organizations, we described the key benefit of AI as the “dividend of time.” With many nonprofit workplaces taking up generative AI over the past year, what costs and benefits are staff seeing? Researchers have measured the time savings created by generative AI.

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How to Fundraise with AI for Nonprofits


At the forefront of these new technologies is artificial intelligence (AI). AI for nonprofits can be a real game changer in the fundraising landscape. What is AI? How can charities use AI? How do you use AI for fundraising? How do you use AI for fundraising? What is AI? How can charities use AI?

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Lessons from MotivateMonday | Could AI be the Answer to Your Grantwriting Woes?

Pamela Grow

Fortunately, you now have access to hundreds of AI tools which can save you time. However, current AI tools cannot replace an effective grant writer. But they can be used as a well-trained assistant, which means you must understand AI’s strengths and weaknesses to maximize its value. You are not alone.

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AI Yay Yay Clairity Click-it: Nonprofit Links + Free Resources


This blew my mind: Seth Godin wrote people are really making good use of the free AI on his blog – and so far, it’s pretty trustworthy. Clairity Click-it, Your Nonprofit Ticket to… The post AI Yay Yay Clairity Click-it: Nonprofit Links + Free Resources appeared first on Clairification. I gave it a try, and these were the results.

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