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Hiring an Expert Capital Campaign Consultant: 6 Simple Steps

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

A capital campaign consultant can help you develop a concrete fundraising plan and maximize your earnings. The post Hiring an Expert Capital Campaign Consultant: 6 Simple Steps first appeared on Aly Sterling Philanthropy. Follow these 6 steps to find the perfect partner.

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The Dilemma of Fundraisers Consulting as a Side Hustle

NonProfit PRO

Several development directors recently asked me about consulting as a side hustle, which made me consider three critical things.


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5 Easy Steps: A Guide to Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

The Fundraising Coach

A fundraising consultant can identify opportunities for improvement in your existing fundraising plan and build new strategies to advance your nonprofit. In this guide, we’ll cover five simple steps to hire the perfect fundraising consultant for your nonprofit. Read up on consulting services. Secure your board’s buy-in.

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Pro Tip: How to Work With an Expert Consultant

Lightning Fast Grant Writing

Since I do not do academic research full-time anymore, I find I am now more dependent on the goodwill and understanding of national-level research/evaluation consultants. By following up on the consultant’s suggestions and being a good student, you win more of their time and their respect.

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Podcast: Choosing the Right Approach: Capital Campaign Consultants or DIY Campaigns?

Capital Campaign Pro

Season 3, Episode 40 In this episode, hosts Amy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt explore the age-old question: Do you really need a consultant for your capital campaign? They delve into the pros and cons of hiring a consultant for your campaign and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

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How Grant Consultants Scale Their Business With Instrumentl | Instrumentl


Learn how grant consultants scale their businesses with Instrumentl, a powerful online grant discovery and management tool. Discover how Instrumentl streamlines the grant lifecycle, addresses critical challenges, and enhances services for consultants and their clients.

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Is Grant Writing Consulting Your Next, Best Move? 

Grant Writing Made Easy

Navigating the world of grant writing consulting often feels like juggling flaming torches while blindfolded. So, as we get into the question at hand–is grant writing consulting your next, best move?–let’s What a Grant Writing Consultant Needs to Succeed 1. Trust me, I get it. And, oh, project and time management?