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A Classical Approach to Grant Proposals

The Grantsmanship Center

Category: Proposal Writing and Grantseeking Before campaign advisors, spin doctors, influencers or ad men, there was the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. As proposal writers, we sometimes get lost in the weeds of data, logic models, detailed methods and other granular stuff. The first of these is ethos. funders) might not listen.

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Top10 Effective Strategies for Creating a Standout Grant Proposal

Grant Writer Team

A Standout Grant Proposal is a must! Securing grants is vital for nonprofit organizations, yet crafting a proposal that stands out amidst stiff competition presents a significant challenge. To enhance the likelihood of success, it’s crucial to create a proposal that is both clear and persuasive.


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How Exploitive Language Is Hurting Your Grant Proposals

Grants Plus

Five tips for deploying equitable language best practices in your grant proposals. The post How Exploitive Language Is Hurting Your Grant Proposals appeared first on Grants Plus.

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Grant Proposals: Problem or Needs Statement


It’s important to create a problem or needs statement before you write an effective proposal. To that end, we hope the following information helps you to better understand its importance when preparing your grant proposal. The functionality of your problem or needs statement is as the primary driver of your grant proposal.

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AI for Grant Writing: 20+ ChatGPT Prompts You Can Use

Nonprofits can engage with ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, refine project plans, and craft compelling narratives for grant proposals. This prompt guide for ChatGPT contains 20+ tested ChatGPT prompts, along with tips on how to use this tool the best way.

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What to do after your grant proposal is rejected 


Even if you write a perfect grant proposal, it still might not get funded—simply because there is so much competition. There are lots of reasons your proposal might get turned down. But a grant proposal rejection letter presents opportunity, too. Add a note of gratitude for considering your grant proposal.

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Passion: A Writer’s Best Tool for a Winning Grant Proposal

Grant Writer Team

One of the most important details to remember when writing a winning grant proposal is to show passion. For new grant writers, it can be tempting to create a template from which to base every grant proposal. They often need to review hundreds of proposals and it’s easy for the same, drab proposals to run together.

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