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Grant Budgeting: Tips for Maximizing Funding Opportunities

The NonProfit Times

By Jackie Sue Griffin Securing grant funding is crucial to a nonprofit’s growth, and it starts with crafting a well-planned and realistic budget. Understanding the specific requirements and limitations outlined in the grant application is crucial for developing a budget that aligns with the funder’s priorities and expectations.

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How Should You Spend Your Fundraising Budget? (#5 of 6)

Veritus Group

When your fundraising budget isn't properly allocated across the donor pipeline, it has economic consequences for your non-profit. The post How Should You Spend Your Fundraising Budget? (#5 5 of 6) appeared first on Veritus Group.

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Funders: Let’s Stop Making Nonprofits Choose Between Balanced Budgets and Burnout

Center for Effective Philanthropy

The invisible lines between the findings began to form, […] The post Funders: Let’s Stop Making Nonprofits Choose Between Balanced Budgets and Burnout appeared first on The Center for Effective Philanthropy. As I read the recent Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) report on the state of nonprofits, a familiar feeling settled in.

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The Small Nonprofit’s Guide to Budgeting

Get Fully Funded

Nonprofit budget. Yet a budget is a critical tool in managing your organization. A nonprofit budget can bring so many positives: Finances are much easier to manage because you know what expenses and revenue to expect. If you want to grow your nonprofit, a budget is not optional. and no organizational budget.

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How to Build a Better Nonprofit Budget in Less Time and with Less Stress


Like a good recipe, your nonprofit budget requires high-quality ingredients, easy-to-follow steps, and a knowledgeable cook or two to put it together. Here are a few simple steps to help you create a solid budget that helps your organization allocate resources effectively and makes your budgeting process easier.

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Sign Up: Annual Budgeting Tips & Tricks Webinar

NonProfit PRO

Relying on multiple spreadsheets to manage budgets? Register for this Tuesday, November 14 webinar to learn tips and tricks to streamline fund tracking, data entry, reporting, and workflows for your annual budget. Spending too much time manipulating data?

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Your Cheat Sheet to Better Grant Budgeting & Financial Reporting


In our recent webinar, I detailed ways to improve grant budgeting and ease financial reporting. Key considerations for your budget planning process: Strong financial planning in the early grant stages sets the stage for successful program implementation and reporting.

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