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A 2023 Guide: Best Practices for Nonprofit Compliance | Instrumentl


Dive into the realm of federal awards and the stringent compliance requirements nonprofits must meet to maximize these resources. This comprehensive guide provides insights, strategies, and essential information for navigating nonprofit compliance within the context of federal awards.

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Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program - February 25, 2022


Failure to meet the eligibility criteria by the application deadline may result in exclusion from consideration or, preclude NIFA from making an award. For those new to Federal financial assistance, NIFAâ??s For those new to Federal financial assistance, NIFAâ??s duplicate or multiple submissions are not allowed.


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Advancing Knowledge: Knowing your “Why”

Grant Professionals Association

If you want to explore new areas of the grants profession, such as grant management, you may do a quick read of the Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards (just kidding, there is nothing quick about this!). You could search the archived webinars or join a new Grant Zone community.

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Grant Writing Basics: How to Start Working on Future Funding Opportunities

When applying for federal grants, the OMB Uniform Guidance sets forth a 30 to 60 day range for federal funding opportunities to be open: “(b) The Federal awarding agency must generally make all funding opportunities available for application for at least 60 calendar days. Can you identify a trend in recent years?

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Nonprofits Guide to Applying and Negotiating an Indirect Cost Rate

PKS Grants & Accounting Solutions

Per 2 CFR 200, cognizant agency is defined as the Federal agency who is responsible for receiving, reviewing, negotiating, and approving indirect cost proposals. Per the guidelines, the proposal must be prepared and submitted no later than three months after the effective date of the Federal award.

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A Grant Manager's Guide to Internal Controls

PKS Grants & Accounting Solutions

They assure adherence to Federal statutes, regulations, and the terms and conditions of the Federal awards. They assure reasonable accuracy, validity, and reliability of financial management, program, and other information. They promote operational economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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Your Comprehensive Nonprofit Guide to Getting Started with NEA Grants

Cain Nonprofit Solutions

SAM Registration ‘SAM’ stands for ‘System for Award Management’ and like a DUNS number, this is another requirement for applying for and receiving federal awards. Below I will also link to some other good resources for learning the nitty gritty details of navigating, managing federal awards, and more. *On

SAM 130