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How to Get Funding for a Nonprofit: Tips on Tapping into 12 Top Funding Sources

Wild Apricot

Knowing how to get funding for a nonprofit is the first step towards success! Discover the pros & cons of the most common nonprofit funding sources.

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How Flexible Funding for Women’s Funds Can Shift the Paradigm

Center for Effective Philanthropy

The post How Flexible Funding for Women’s Funds Can Shift the Paradigm appeared first on The Center for Effective Philanthropy.

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Your Unrestricted Funds Need Stewardship, Too


All in unrestricted funds with no reporting necessary. While nonprofits will hopefully see an increase in unrestricted funds—and a decrease in burdensome reporting requirements—as part of this and other movements, good nonprofit accounting principles still apply. What Are Restricted Funds? What are Unrestricted Funds?

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IIJA Explainer: Leveraging Available Funds


Signed into law in 2021, this legislation funds infrastructure projects through 2026. Funds have been distributed at the expected pace with competitive grants taking longer than formula or direct spending. Best Practices for Successful Award Management With increased funding comes increased challenges.

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Celebrating success: Millionaire Grant Lady and Associates raised more than $8.2 million in grant funding in 2023

Millionaire Grant Lady

Foundations change funding priorities and funding strategies. We measure our success by the funding we achieve for these nonprofits. Each year, we work to earn more funding for more organizations so they can do more of the work that really matters for more people. The landscape of philanthropy is always changing.

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“Crystal Ball” for 2024: How will the Stock Market Impact Grant Funding

Millionaire Grant Lady

To date, we have won more than $103 million in funding for our clients. Every day, we use these insights to win more dollars for a wide variety of organizations all across the United States, and these insights can help increase your funding, too. If you need help growing your grant funding, contact us today.

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Podcast: Navigating Capital Campaign Funding Gaps: Strategies & Solutions

Capital Campaign Pro

What do you do when your project costs exceed your fundraising potential? […] The post Podcast: Navigating Capital Campaign Funding Gaps: Strategies & Solutions appeared first on Capital Campaign Pro. While not the most glamorous topic, it’s undeniably essential for any organization embarking on a fundraising endeavor.

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