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How funders can avoid complexity in grant applications

Strategic Grants

The article ‘How funders can avoid complexity in grant applications’ first appeared in F&P (Fundraising & Philanthropy). And a crucial part of securing that funding is in the effectiveness and accessibility of the grant application process itself. How have you – F&P readers – found this process?

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How Trust-Based Philanthropy Removes Barriers Around Grant Applications

NonProfit PRO

Here's how this ethos can break down barriers to grant applications. Grantmakers have started embracing trust-based philanthropy.


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Grant Application Rejected? Improve Your Success Rate


Was your grant application rejected? In fact, they might help to increase the chances of your next grant application being awarded. The grant detail page has everything you need: the eligibility requirements, the deadline, the application, and more. The post Grant Application Rejected? Let’s put this in perspective.

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Parkinson’s Foundation Requesting Applications for 2024 Community Grants

NonProfit PRO

The Parkinson's Foundation has announced it is accepting applications for $1 million in community grant funding. The 2024 community grants cycle will support health, wellness and educational programs that address unmet needs in local Parkinson's disease (PD) communities.

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A+ Membership Application Forms (with Template & Examples!)

Wild Apricot

While a prospective member may have visited your membership website or attended an event before deciding to join, filling out a membership application is when they make it official. Think of membership application forms.

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How to Get Leadership Buy-in for Streamlining Your Grantee Application


As a grants manager, you know how important it is to have a clear and efficient grantee application process. Getting your leadership on board with streamlining your grantee application may require some planning. This will help you identify areas that need improvement and the benefits of streamlining your application.

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Ways to Stand Out on Grant Applications


However, writing grant applications can be a very time-consuming and stressful process. Even the most experienced writer may feel pressure to be chosen by grant funders out of dozens or hundreds of applications. This crucial information will help you tailor your grant application to stand out.