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Using Donor Data to Personalize Your Text Donation Appeals

Ann Green's Nonprofit

By Mike Snusz In order for your nonprofit to effectively reach supporters via a text donation campaign, you will need to simulate an authentic, one-on-one communication experience. The best way to personalize your messages and create highly tailored donation appeals is to leverage donor data. Do they give on a recurring basis ?

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5 Ways Effective Annual Reporting Drives Donations


An annual report that prioritizes storytelling, transparency, interactivity, and more can actually bolster donation solicitation efforts and become a lucrative fundraising tool. 5 Ways Effective Annual Reporting Drives Donations. The post 5 Ways Effective Annual Reporting Drives Donations appeared first on Clairification.

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Donation Levels: Creating Donation Tiers That Drive Revenue

Double the Donation

From marketing to cultivation, it’s no small effort to drive supporters to your donation page. If your average donation amount is falling short, there are strategies you can use to maximize support right on your donation page. Donation levels are one of the […]

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6 Strategies to Boost Donation Revenue for Your Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

In difficult circumstances, it’s helpful to return to the fundraising basics to ensure you’re making the most of tried and true strategies to boost your nonprofit’s donation revenue. This guide will review these tips for bringing in more donations: Prioritize building strong supporter relationships. Explain the impact of donations.

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Pledges vs. Donations: Understanding the Difference

Pamela Grow

Organizations that rely on donations to continue serving their communities or participants, whether they are nonprofits, schools, or sports teams, must focus on providing high-quality donor experiences. But how can you make sure the act of donating is both easy for donors and maximizes results for your organization?

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Inspire Generosity with a Better Online Donation Form


In digital philanthropy, it has never been more important to seek out and embrace innovations, especially innovations in online donation forms. Your online giving form is the primary instrument you use to process a donation, and it’s also the key tool you use for collecting valuable information about your donors.

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Create an Online Donation Receipt that Leads to More Donations

Get Fully Funded

The most important thing you must do when you receive a donation of any size is immediately thank your donor warmly and provide a donation receipt. And it can’t be just any boring donation receipt. Let’s take a look at what an awesome donation receipt looks like so you can nail yours. But it’s not. They are friendly.