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Nonprofit Radio for October 30, 2023: CRM Selection & What To Ask Before Your New Website

Tony Martignetti

Rubin Singh: CRM Selection Rubin Singh returns to help you focus on what matters in CRM selection. To keep you safe from a serious misstep, he also shares his thoughts on what else might be the problem, besides your CRM database. Rubin is CEO of One Tenth Consulting.

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How to Keep Donor Data Safe With Your Nonprofit CRM

Pamela Grow

Thankfully, your nonprofit constituent relationship management (CRM) system can help keep donor data safe. Invest in secure software First and foremost, the CRM itself must be secure. Your nonprofit must know the right safety features to look for when evaluating your CRM or looking for a new one.

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How to Determine Your Needs When Choosing a New Fundraising CRM


Choosing a new fundraising CRM is exciting–but also needs careful consideration. If you are unclear about your needs, abilities, and opportunities, you will quickly find it difficult to vet vendors and evaluate CRMs, not to mention bringing internal stakeholders onboard or getting sign-off at key stages.

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How to Choose a CRM System Based on Your Nonprofit’s Size

NonProfit PRO

When you’re looking for new CRM software for your nonprofit, the choices can seem overwhelming. How do you know which system is right for you?

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Understanding Your CRM: 5 Things You Need to Know

Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Your nonprofit CRM can handle all your data management needs when you leverage its vast capabilities. The post Understanding Your CRM: 5 Things You Need to Know first appeared on Aly Sterling Philanthropy. Make the most of this essential tool with these tips.

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Instrumentl's Nonprofit CRM Integrations | Instrumentl


Discover how Instrumentl's CRM integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge NXT, and Virtuous CRM can streamline your grant management processes. Learn how to eliminate duplicative data entry, reduce operational redundancies, and increase efficiency. Let's optimize your workflow and make grant management a breeze!

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StratusLIVE Unveils CRM Version 9.3, Improving Prospect Research, Financial Reporting

NonProfit PRO

StratusLIVE unveiled CRM 9.3 to enhance users' experience, expand donor tracking capabilities, and improve financial reporting and queries.

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