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Nonprofit Radio for April 24, 2023: Technology Governance

Tony Martignetti

Maureen Wallbeoff: Technology Governance Sounds boring. But Maureen Wallbeoff brings her energy and lightness to help us understand the symptoms of unmanaged tech; the value of a technology governance group; and strategies for easing common technology pain points. In anyone else’s hands, it might be.

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2024 Government Grants Are Accepting Applications


There are so many 2024 government grants available today! For instance, government grants come from the federal, state, and local governments. Types of Government Grants The most common type of government grants are grants given by the federal government. So, avoid getting lost in a jungle of grants.


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Why Nonprofit-Government Partnerships Sometimes Flounder

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Campbell Brittany Murray/MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images Volunteers can help reduce costs, but most nonprofit social service groups rely heavily on government funding. Getting services to people in need often relies on those partnerships, but reporting requirements can be too onerous

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Should Your Nonprofit Pursue Another Government Grant?

Grants Plus

By: Laura Altieri According to the National Council of Nonprofits, more than 30% of nonprofit revenues come from government grants and contracts. However, if your organization has already gone through the process of securing government grants, you are no stranger to the complexities and resource-intensive nature of the endeavor.

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Managing the Transition from a Working Board to a Governance Board

NonProfit PRO

Here are five reasons an organization may transition its board from a working board to a governance board, and how to protect board members.

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Embracing partnership: A promising paradigm for nonprofit governance 


Traditionally, nonprofit governance has been perceived through a hierarchical lens, with board members primarily overseeing and guiding the organization’s direction while staff execute the operational tasks. The nonprofit governance orthodoxy Nonprofit governance operates within a framework of three legal duties.

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The best government grant search engines | Instrumentl


Discover the holy grail of funding with government grants. Explore the top government grant search engines and maximize your efforts with expert tips. Learn how to navigate federal, state, and local levels to find the best-fit opportunities for your nonprofit.